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Energy system business

Energy Business
Emerging countries account for two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. In emerging countries, energy demand is increasing in proportion to population growth and high economic growth rates. Power shortage and environmental problems such as air pollution and water pollution are becoming more serious. Therefore, we specialize in emerging countries and propose clean and environmentally friendly energy systems to prevent global warming.


Homepage design

We will make clear the purpose of the homepage with sufficient discussions with customers and realize a custom-made and satisfying design at a reasonable price. Optimized layout for any browsing devices such as PC, smartphone & tablet. Reliable support for renewal and maintenance after delivery.We will also carry out the domain acquisition and server arrangement.

Mobile app development

We develop multifunctional and high quality mobile apps at low prices. Compatible with iOS and Android, it can also be linked with PCs and tablets. We can also create mobile apps that remotely control embedded devices with smartphones. Reliable support for maintenance after delivery.

Net shop design

We will create a design that allows customers who visit the site to experience a satisfying purchasing without feeling stress, increase the repeaters, and lead the online shop successful. We will provide shopping cart, information such as procedures for opening an online shop and contract agency for payment system. Even after opening, we provide marketing services using access analysis for sales promotion.

Graphic design for logo & business card

We think a Logo is the symbol of the company and the store and a business card is the face of the customer. We carry out branding design treasuring the thoughts and messages contained in it. And above all, we realize graphic design that customers can attach to, at a reasonable price.

Offshore Development (Lab contract)

By development in Bangladesh, which is rich in young and excellent IT human resources, we will contribute to reduce development costs. By outsourcing QA tests, you can concentrate on your core business, which will contribute to productivity improvement. We also reduce man-hours by assisting software development using machine learning and deep learning in AI system development.

Embedded software development

Home electric appliances and Machines such as automobile parts are becoming smart and more sophisticated and multifunctional. And high quality is required. The weight of software in product development is rapidly increasing. Building up a software development team is an urgent task. We will help you to accelerate the development speed and reduce cost in the development of embedded software.


 Concept for Hybrid Generation System of Biogas & Solar 

By fusing IT with an energy system that uses renewable energy such as solar and biogas, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and realize a comfortable and affluent life for people.


The SDGs are the sustainable development goals that are set by the United Nations to achieve a sustainable world and consist of 17 goals.
We will always be aware of SGDs and realize a comfortable and prosperous life by fusing energy system technology and IT.

For example, a hybrid system of biogas and solar power generation will contribute to the achievement of the following seven goals.


By installing in an area where energy infrastructure such as electricity and gas does not reach, everyone can use electricity and gas equally.


Energy can be supplied cheaply and with less environmental impact using Solar and Biogas.


In rural areas where energy infrastructure does not reach, we will realize a system for exchanging livestock dung and food residues with electricity, gas and compost, and contribute to income growth for smallholder farmers.


We aim for zero emission by producing biogas from livestock manure and food residues, and returning the residue after methane fermentation to farmland as compost and liquid fertilizer.


CO2 is reduced because of using renewable energy.


The residue after methane fermentation is reduced by using as compost or liquid fertilizer, and the excess residue is purified and released into the river so that it does not pollute the sea.


The residue after methane fermentation is returned to the farmland as compost or liquid fertilizer to improve the soil and increase the yield of agricultural products.



With the high aspiration to contribute to the realization of a sustainable world, we started two businesses, the energy system business and the IT business. In the energy system business, we will build a system that uses renewable energy such as solar and biogas to prevent global warming in emerging countries with strong demand for energy infrastructure development. In the IT business, we accommodate a wide range of customer requests, from website design and mobile application development, to offshore business for software development using AI technology and embedded system development, with high quality and low cost. We will contribute to reduce development costs. In addition, we will integrate IT into the energy system to improve convenience, improve the living standards of people in emerging countries, and realize a comfortable and prosperous life. We will always be humble and learn from forerunners. And we will work globally aiming for new heights.Thank you for your continued support.

President Tomokimi Mizuno


We strive to develop an environment-friendly system that pleases our customers, based on the principle of “Nothing superior to quality”.

We will always be aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations when working on development.



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